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AEthelmearc Scribal College - Pennsic 43

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Pennsic University

Attention Scribes, Artists and Teachers!
Pennsic University class registration is now open for those wishing to teach at Pennsic 43 so it's time to ask yourself "What should I teach this year?"

For many years the AEthelmearc Scribal College has been able to offer great classes for the scribal arts community and we hope to do so again this year. We have two regal pavilions in the Kingdom encampment (location, location, location!), with clean tables, plenty of chairs, white boards, fresh ice water, even lighting/electricity for evening classes. We attract students and scribes of all levels from all over the Known World eager to learn, all we need now is your expertise. Pennsic is a particularly good place for hands-on calligraphy and illumination classes, messy classes, specialty topic classes, lecture classes, new classes, old standby classes, short 1 hour classes, or long multi-session classes. Whether it's your first time teaching or just your latest experiment, please consider spending part of your vacation teaching at the AEthelmearc Scribal College.

Here's the teacher registration site: http://thing.pennsicuniversity.org/

If you would like to teach a class as part of the AEthelmearc Scribal College please log in, update your teacher profile, fill out the requested class information and then drop me a note to let me know you have, so I can approve your class and get it scheduled.

Please note!
Under Special Scheduling Requests -you must write "AE Scribal College" to be included as part of the AEthelmearc Scribal College, otherwise you will be teaching in the regular A&S tents.

The deadline for class registration is May 1st, so please do not delay. Any classes registered after the May 1st will not be published in the Pennsic University book. If you have any questions regarding the AEthelmearc
Scribal College, please do not hesitate to ask!

your servant,
Mistress Matilda Bosvyle
AEthelmearc Scribal College Dean for Pennsic 43

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