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The overall winner of the Kingdom Scroll Blank Challenge is THLord Ishiyama Gen'tarou Yori'ie with his contributing 59 scroll blanks! Baron Caleb Reynolds won the Second part of the competition at Ice Dragon having contributed over 40 scroll blanks.

Unto the Kingdom of Æthelmearc, does Baroness Ekaterina Volkova, Sylvan Signet of Æthelmearc send greetings.

The Kingdom is very low on scroll blanks and we need to replenish. There are calligraphers who are anxious to share their skills, with nothing to write upon. With permission of Their Royal Majesties, Titus and Anna Leigh, I hereby issue a challenge to all. How many scroll blanks can you make?

This challenge is to take place from now until March 21, 2015. There will be two collection points. The first will be at Æthelmearc Kingdom Twelfth Night, to be held on January 10, 2015 in the Shire of Abhainn Ciach Ghlais and the second will be on March 21, 2015 at the Festival of the Passing of the Ice Dragon in the Barony of the Rhydderich Hael.

There will be prizes at both collection events for each segment of the competition as well as overall. Winners will be selected on a point based system.

The points will be awarded as such:

1 pt - for every scroll blank turned in

1 pt - for inspiration documentation cited

1 pt - for use of period pigments noted

1 pt - for use of period inks noted

1 pt - for being an experienced scribe (on the roster for more than a year or having an award for C&I )

2 pts - for being a new scribe (not on the roster or on the roster for less than a year)

There will also be an undisclosed amount of points for an "ooh factor" to be awarded by members of the Signet Office and the Royalty.

  1. No scroll blanks larger than 11"x 17"
  2. Hot press water color paper, pergamentata or animal vellum/parchment preferred, though Bristol board is acceptable
  3. No use of markers (felt tip or magic), color pencils, pastels or crayons.
  4. Name of scribe must be listed on the back of the scroll.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.



Baroness Ekaterina Volkova
Sylvan Signet of Æthelmearc
baronessekat AT gmail DOT com


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